Building Your Narrow Boat

Building a Narrow Boat Restaurant

Creating your canal boat restaurant encompasses various steps to ensure that it is built successfully. Your vessel will not function properly without proper planning, manpower and the right tools to put it together. Like any other vehicle or property, you need to do some studies to ensure that you are on the right track. Here are some tips that you can consider when building your boat restaurant.

Creating a Boat Design

Before building your boat, you need to create a good design. This means that you have to carefully plan the parts that you need to have on your boat. You have you think of the space and the seating capacity that you would like for your restaurant. You may need to ask the inputs of narrow boat builders if you do not have in-depth knowledge about canal boats. They can help a lot in designing a functional restaurant, while making sure that it will be a safe vessel to ride into. You may also need to visit your municipality or local township office to know what boating vessels are allowed in your area. This will help you save time and effort as you will only be designing a boat that fits the standards set by your local government.

Putting Materials Together

After careful planning and designing, you have to gather the right materials for your boat. The materials may depend on what resources are available in your area, as well as your budget. Experts would recommend that you get a fiberglass base, since it is more resilient, compared to common types of wood used by boatmen. You can get the fibreglass make to your custom design by contracting a fibreglass Moulders, to make the hull. On the other hand, you can invest on a less shapealbe but sturdier materials like steel that are used in boathouses to ensure that your establishment lasts for a long time. Some people build their water restaurants using thick bamboo poles, but you may need to replace some poles from time to time to ensure that your restaurant can float properly. The construction time may also vary on the structures that you would like to add into your boat.


The costs of putting up a water restaurant may depend on the materials that you will use and the size of the area. If you are planning to set up a simple narrow dinghy restaurant, you can expect to spend about 90,000 to 100,000. The price may go higher or lower, so you may want to negotiate with your contractors to get great deals. Some prefer to buy old boathouses and refurbish them as they generally cost cheaper and they are easier to rehabilitate than working from scratch.